Party Sign - 24"h x 24"w - 4mm Corrugated Plastic Panel

  • Party Sign - 24"h x 24"w - 4mm Corrugated Plastic Panel
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Digitally printed party sign panel includes unlimited number of colors, graphics or photos on 4mm corrugated plastic panel.  Print on one or both sides and choice of optional frame.  Sign and frames are outdoor durable and can withstand the elements so you can display for a day, a week, a month or longer!

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Our Materials


Corrugated Plastic:

Stocked in three thicknesses and an economical choice for most sign applications.  Can be used with galvanized bar frames that slide into flues or angle iron frames with bolts or clips.  Also available with Reflective sheeting for increased nighttime visibility.

4mm (about 1/8") for Short Term Applications.
6mm (about 1/4") for Most Real Estate & Contractor Signs.
8mm (about 5/16") for Most Real Estate & Contractor Signs.
10mm (about 7/16") for Commercial Applications.

Approximate Product Life:  12 - 18 months*.



Stocked in three thicknesses and a good choice for hanging sign panels on arm posts or street sign applications.  Can be used in angle iron frames with bolts or clips and will provide a longer life especially if you are good at maintaining your signs.  Aluminum will not rust even if the painted surface is scratched.  Also available with Reflective sheeting for increased nighttime visibility.

.040 (about 3/64") for Hanging Arm Post Signs.
.063 (about 1/16") for Most Real Estate and Contractor Signs.
.080 (about 5/64") for Commercial & Street Sign Applications.

Approximate Product Life:  18 - 24 months*.



Stocked in two thicknesses and a good choice where heavy-duty sign panels are required.  3mm for hanging sign panels on arm posts and 6mm for where a heavy duty sign is required.  Use with heavy duty black angle iron steel frames.  Both thicknesses have an aluminum face on both sides with a solid polyethylene core making this material strong and durable.  This material will provide a longer life especially if you are good at maintaining your signs.

3mm (about 1/8") for Arm Post Signs.
6mm (about 1/4") for Heavy Duty Applications & Commercial Signs.

Approximate Product Life:  18 - 24 months*.



Stocked in four thicknesses to cover practically any application.
10 oz recommended for indoor applications or short-term outdoor use perfect for party and event banners.  13 oz is our most popular material and best choice for general applications.
18 oz is best for over the street banners or anywhere you need a heavy-duty banner.  Fence Mesh has 1000's of small perforations to allow air to pass through while giving you the appearance of a solid banner when viewed from a distance.

10 oz for Short Term Birthday or Wedding Banners.
13 oz our Most Common Material for General Banners.
18 oz for Over the Street or Heavy-Duty Applications.

Fence Mesh for baseball/football fields or business fences.

Approximate Product Life:  Varies depending on final application but 12 months is not uncommon for 13 oz and heavier.

Magnetic & Decal:

Magnetic is stocked in .030 thickness and used for vehicle identification where you can remove the magnetic when not conducting business.  Great for when you need to promote your business on your personal vehicle.

Decal is stocked in two types.  Change-A-Sign decal when you need to update an old sign with a new name, phone number, address or photo.  Vehicle decal is perfect for truck or car door lettering and an economical alternative for fleet lettering & graphics.

Lamination is available for extended product life and recommended for all outdoor uses.

Approximate Product Life:  Varies depending on final application but typical product life is up to 12 months without lamination and up to 36 months with lamination.  Most of our customers experience longer outdoor life with lamination but the life depends on the environmental conditions to which they are exposed.

*As with all materials, life expectancy may vary depending on how well the sign is maintained.  Signs should be stored in a Vertical position and never laid flat or stacked on each other.  All signs should be stored inside when not being used.  Excessive exposure to salt water, moisture and heat may also affect the life of the sign.  There are many variables that can affect the life of your sign but if you maintain it properly it should provide you at least the minimum life as described above for each material.


Return Policy


All orders are produced from quality materials and we guarantee your complete satisfaction.  If there is a manufacturing defect we will replace or refund the product at our option.  Custom manufactured items that have misspelling or incorrect wording because of customers omission and the customer has approved the design or designed their sign online, cannot be replaced or payment refunded.  No merchandise can be returned without our prior written authorization. Any claims must be made within 10 days of receipt of order. Shipping damage must be reported with the carrier at time of delivery.  If there is concealed damage by the carrier you must contact the carrier within 24 hours of receipt for them to accept any claim.  Once the product leaves our production facility, the carrier assumes full responsibility in delivering the product to you without damage.  If carrier damages your product, we will work with you to resolve any claim you have with the shipping carrier but we cannot be responsible for their negligence.  Your 100% satisfaction is our goal and we will work tirelessly to resolve any issue to the best of our ability.

Please note that any order cancelled after payment is made via credit card or PayPal will have a 5% cancellation and processing fee deducted from the order total.

Size Chart

Our size chart shows the relation between the most common sizes.

Most common sizes are as follows:

Inserts / Riders: 6"x24"
Main Yard Sign Panels: 18"x24" through 24"x36"
Commercial Signs: 36"x48" through 48"x96"

If you have any questions about size options please call our office at 800-321-7118 and speak to one of our friendly customer service team members.

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