About Us

"Our Mission is to be known by our customers, employees, community and vendors as the best sign company in our marketplace."

Founded in 1959 as JT Signs and acquired by the Parrish Companies in 1984, Parrish Sign Co. Inc. has serviced the Real Estate and Construction Industries signage needs for over five decades. When the company was acquired in 1984 it was a regional supplier serving Southern New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania; and since that time has grown to be a National Supplier with customers throughout the United States and Canada. The acquisition of Satellite Specialties in 1994 provided us an opportunity to expand our production capabilities and offer our customers a wider range of products.

We try to accomplish this by adhering to the following principles in the conduct of our business:

  • To treat our customers, vendors, and employees with respect, courtesy and fairness, and to recognize that we would not exist without them.
  • To insure that our customers always receive the value they paid for by fulfilling every order with products that are consistent with our high quality standards.
  • To be innovative and creative in the development of new products and services to meet our customers signage and advertising requirements.
  • To be willing to invest in equipment and other capital improvements that will insure our capabilities to produce quality products.
  • To insure our vendors that they will have a fair and equal opportunity to compete for our business, and to guarantee them complete compensation for their products and services.
  • To provide our employee associates an equal opportunity to improve their work skills, to achieve advancement and contribute to the company's growth, and to encourage them to take pride in their work and the products we produce.
  • To provide our employee associates with a safe and healthy work environment, and to respect the environmental needs of our community.
  • To be a good business citizen in our community, to contribute our resources to worthy charitable endeavors, and to encourage our employees to participate in civic organizations and other volunteer activities.
  • To make a fair profit on our products and services, which will insure our future existence; but be willing to sacrifice profit, when necessary, to avoid compromising our quality standards. 

We hope you will take this opportunity to explore our Web Site for products and services that can help you increase your business. If you need assistance, please call our Sales Service personnel at 800-321-7118.